The Amyable Life

Welcome to The Amyable life! My name is Amy and I’m hoping to create a space to find inspiration & education on nutrition and herbal medicine, as well as recipes to help those who live a busy life… and want to eat their cake too…as long as it GF, DF, SF, paleo, vegan….jokes.

I have always taken on more jobs, hobbies, & studies then I can handle, whilst still trying to maintain having some form of life. I’m sure many people can relate. My Mum always says ‘You have too much on your plate’. She’s right. Mainly about the plate. Despite the overkill of responsibilities I’ve always strived to look after my health and fitness.

I am a former flight attendant turned office chick and have been undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) for the past 4 years. With the big graduation day creeping up I thought it was a perfect opportunity to pass on what I have learned throughout the course and through life experiences so far.

Within this space you can expect simple, nutrient dense recipes that are aimed for the busy bee! As well as information surrounding topics that I have researched to benefit my own goals. I will dive into the good ol’ days of flying and provide travel tips & tricks for maintain your health whilst on-the-go.

To be amiable is to be good natured, loveable and have a friendly disposition. The Amyable Life is created to inspire a loveable life by encouraging the value of self-love by nutrition, mindfulness, and education.

I hope you find some useful information and please reach out with any questions or to simply say hello 🙂